Looking for some action?



Beginning May 16. Register in the golf shop by 5:15 for 5:30 pm shotgun start each week.

Each ACTION WEDNESDAY event is open to any golfer, who is at least 18 years old.

Entry fee: $12 per player (plus applicable green fees/cart fees)

Enter as Teams of 2 players, play will be 2-player scramble format. All pairings and starting holes will be chosen at random after the Close of Entries @ 5:15 pm each Weds beginning May 16th. Teams will be paired into 4-team PODS as is possible with number of entries. 4-team PODS will shotgun off each assigned starting hole.

Black tees for all players (except men age 70 & over may play the Silver tees and women may play the Red tees)

The “Action” consists of 3 parts:


$6 per player will go into the Shootout total game. Half will be paid to Shootout winners in each POD, and half paid to the winning team of the Sudden Death Playoff.

Within each POD, there will be 3 separate shootouts played during the 9 holes. After the first hole, one team will be eliminated from the shootout competition. Another team will be eliminated after the second hole. After the 3rd hole, the last team standing will be the Winner of Shootout 1. All teams will repeat this process on the next 3 holes to determine the Winner of Shootout 2, and then again on the last 3 holes to determine the Winner of Shootout 3. Shootouts are played in rounds of 3 holes beginning at whatever starting hole you are assigned, and concluding on the ninth hole of play regardless of the hole number. (for example: your starting shotgun hole is Hole #3. The first Shootout will consist of Holes 3-4-5, the second Shootout Holes 6-7-8 and the third Shootout Holes 9-1-2.)

Each team that wins one of the 3 Shootouts in their POD will win $8 and claim a spot in the Playoff Finals-played as a Sudden Death Playoff, Winner Take All!


Teams will also be competing for team greenies (closet to the pin on par threes) must be on the green.

$2 per player will go into the greenies pot. 3 payouts (one for each par three). Greenies are awarded as team prizes to be split regardless of who hit the shot.


$4 per player will go into the skins pot. The skins pot will be divided evenly between the skins winners for the night. In the event that no skins are won, the skins pool will carry over to the next week. Skins are awarded as team prizes to be split regardless of who hit the shot.

Cash payout for Shootouts 1, 2 & 3, Greenies & Skins will paid at the conclusion of regular play that evening. Sudden Death Playoff Winners will be paid after the Playoff.