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2018 Registered Teams to date:

1. Matt Wick & Dustin Collins
2. Erik Weeks & Brandt Fields
3. Tim Thornburg & Dave Thornburg
4. Jason Hamilton & Brock Ruble
5. Bob Davis & Chris Davis
6. Shawn Fuerst & Shawn Jordan
7. Michael Coleman & Mark Coleman
8. David Alkire & Ed Casto
9. Russell Walters & Michael McCall
10. David Heaberlin & Darrell Johnston
11. Jere Daniels & Ken Shank
12. Jerami Barnes & Doug Wesson
13. Todd Anderson & Steve Kite
14. Miker Ringler & Larry Carol
15. Scott Frederick & Michael Frederick
16. Cody Lyons & Travis Fowler
17. Ken Jenkins & Greg McClellan
18. Chuck Graber & Harry Graber
19. Bob Harmison & Steve McCall
20. Frank Vitt & Bruce Schlabach
21. Jon Hutchins & Dan Atwood
22. Randy Keck & Tim Dawson
23. Tami Thornburg & Chuck Thornburg
24. Jeff Wolford & Larry Gleeson
25. Tom Cooksey & Chris Bailey
26. Breck Barton  & Jason Welsh
27. Tyson Gantz & Ron Ford


Best Ball League Information:

  • League Dues for the regular season incl first night of tournament play will be as follows:
    Per half regular season (First half paid by April 26; Second half paid by June 14)
    Fees include applicable greens/cart fees per individual situation
    Riders:  $181.50 per half
    Walkers:  $134 per half
    LHGC Members (walkers or annual cart members): $20 per half
    LHGC Members who do have annual cart can purchase a Members Cart Card for weekly use

  • GROSS SKINS are available weekly for $2. Sign in and pay at the desk each week.
  • Thursday Evening 9-hole Golf League scheduled at 4:30-5:30 pm. If you and your opponents agree to play earlier please make a tee time and be aware that public play may be on the course.
  • Best Ball format will be played with two player teams playing head to head matches. Best Ball is played as each player playing his own ball through the hole. The lowest net score (with handicap) of the two is the “team score” for the hole.
  • WHITE tees. (70+ have option to play SILVER and Ladies have the option to play RED).
  • USGA Rules govern all play with the exception of Out of Bounds to be played as follows to save time: Drop ball at point of exit with 1 stroke penalty.
  • You may roll the ball with the club head a maximum of 6" in your own fairway no closer to the hole. The ball should be played “down” as you find it everywhere else.
  • Handicap will be figured at 70% of your 9 hole handicap and will automatically adjust weekly based on your score.
  • Subs/Makeup- We use nightly Subs, not makeup matches. Subs must have already subbed in the league this season to play anytime after July 6. League members are not eligible to sub during tournament. Members are responsible for their sub's applicable nightly fees. NO SHOW teams will be given a ghost score of the league average for that night.
  • There will be a weekly closest to the pin contest.
  • Scoring: 20 Point Scoring consists of 2 points for each hole and 2 points for the total score.
  • Conceding the Hole: “Gimme” Putts are okay “Takee” putts are not okay. Double Par will be the max score allowed on any one hole.
  • Pre-playing is allowed on same side of competition, $7 for 9 holes.
How the Game is Played

Two players (partners) play a match against two other players.  In a best ball format, each player on a team plays their ball from where it ends up (no "best shot" or picking up and moving the ball to another location). It can be viewed as each player playing a typical round of golf, with their own score for each hole. The team score for each hole is the lowest score by any one player (subtracting any stroke adjustments for handicap.)  As an example, a team of 2 players score 5 and 5 on a hole. Let's say one of the players gets a handicap adjustment on that hole of 1 stroke.  The team score for this hole would be a 4 because the player's score was 5 less 1 stroke adjustment.  The team score for each hole is compared with one team winning each hole or "halving"  the hole if there is a tie.  The team winning the most holes wins the match.

Handicaps are applied beginning on the most difficult holes on the golf course.  That is determined on the scorecard where each hole is ranked with 1 being the most difficult and 18 being the easiest ranking.  Let's say one player has a 3 handcap and another has a 1 handicap.  The 3 handicapper would get a stroke on each of the three most difficult holes and the 1 handicapper would only get a stroke on the most difficult hole.  These strokes are subtracted from the players actual score on any given hole to determine their net score for that hole.  The lowest net score from one team is compared to the lowest net score from the other team.

Click on link for player 2017 contact info  pdfBest_Ball_Roster.pdf

2017 Best Ball league tee times are from 4:30-5:30
*usual arrival time indicated (  ) Team number to left of names.
1. Erich Holton (4:45) - Harry Bray (4:45)
2. Jason Hamilton (4:30) - Brock Ruble (4:30)
3. Jere Daniels (4:30) - Ken Shank
4. Shawn Fuerst (4:30) - Shawn Jordan (4:30)
5. Michael McCall (5:30-6) - Russ Walters (4:30)
6. Darrell Johnston (4:30-5) - Dustin Geho (still owes for 2nd half 2017 $181.50) (4:30-5)
7. Michael Coleman (4:30) - Mark Coleman
8. David Heaberlin (4:30) - Marcus Ratliff (4:30)
9. Tim Thornburg (4:30) - Steve Flora (4:30)
10. Todd Anderson (5:00) - Steve Kite (5:00)
11. Chuck Thornburg - Tami Thornburg
12. Bob Harmison (5:00) - Steve McCall (5:00)
13. Doug Wesson (4:30) - Jerami Barnes (4:30)
14. Jeff Wolford (4:30) - Larry Gleeson (4:30)
15. Frank Vitt (4:30) - Bruce Schlabach (4:30)
16. Ed Casto (4:30) - David Alkire (4:30)
17. Chris Bailey - Tom Cooksey
18. Doug Rutan (4:30) - Ken Jenkins
19. Cory Cooper - Mark Zimmer
20. Scott Frederick - Michael Frederick
21. Chuck Graber - Harry Graber
22. Randy Keck (4:30) - Tim Dawson (4:30)