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Moose League

moose logo

Mondays at 3:45-4:45
(reserved for members of Bellefontaine Moose Lodge)

All players will be required to have a USGA/GHIN/World Handicap this season. We will be using across the board in all of our leagues and other tournaments so every player has one handicap. This also travels with you and can be used worldwide, anywhere you play. You can read more about a GHIN Handicap HERE.
League players will pay our reduced members rate of $26 for this service. If you already purchased this for 2022, you're all set.

League Fees based on 16 weeks and are paid in 2 installments.
OR pay FULL season and get 1 week FREE.
GHIN Fee: $26, all players unless already purchased for 2022
Riders:  $144 half ($270 if full season paid up front)
Walkers:  $104 half ($195 if full season paid up front)
LHGC Members (riders): $105 full season
LHGC Members (walkers/ annual cart members): No additional cost to the course
LHGC Members who do not have annual cart may also purchase a Members eCart Card for optional use if they walk & ride

pay online button

2022 Schedule Highlights
April 25- First half due
May 2- First week of league competition
May 30- Memorial Day, No League
June 27-
Second half due
July 4- Independence Day, No League
August 29- Last night of league play
Sept 10-  End of Year Scramble, 7 am

This season's league format will alternate 3 weeks of Best Ball followed by a week of Scramble, then repeat thruogh the season.


In a best ball format, each player on a team plays their ball from where it ends up (no "best shot" or picking up and moving the ball to another location). It can be viewed as each player playing a typical round of golf, with their own score for each hole. The team score for each hole is the lowest score by any one player. As an example, a team of 2 players score 4 and 5 on a hole. The team score for this hole would be a 4 because it was the lowest score.  Best ball is played as stroke play with the total score added up at the end of the round for the team Gross score (actual score without handicap.)  For the Net side of the competition, handicaps are applied.


In a scramble, each player hits their own shot from the tee. The team then chooses the best shot. Players whose shots were not selected, go pick up their ball and the entire team shoots their second shots from where this "best shot" came to rest, (typically) with the option of shooting from within a club length of this "best ball" spot (except on the green of course). You cannot, however, move from rough to fairway, or fringe to green. After the second shot, this process continues as many times as necessary until a ball is in the hole. The team score for each hole is how many "best shots" were needed by the team. Scramble is played as stroke play with the total score added up at the end of the round for the team Gross score (actual score without handicap.)  For the Net side of the competition, handicaps are applied to the total team score using a mathematical compilation of handicaps so that all players will be able to compete.

All sub notifications should be called in to the golf shop at 937-592-4653 no later than 12 noon league day.


Chasity would like a vote to either have an outing at end of league or a payout for teams. Only 4 teams are in for outing.


This is where you will now find information, tee times, schedules, matches, results & contact info for other players in your league. To access any locked pages on the portal sign in with your league's GGID below:


Order Food: (937) 565-9028

Liberty Hills Golf Club
665 Road 190 West
Bellefontaine, OH 43311