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Points Game

New 18 Hole Golf League/Event!Points

Select Wednesdays* at 1:00

This is an Open Game: come when you want.
Call it a league, a game, a tournament... we call it the Points Game.

1:00 Shotgun start, $32 special rate for 18 holes riding (members or 5-Play cards per your specific situation)

Game: $10 per player ( $8 to weekly payout pool (two flights), $1 to skins, $1 for closest to pin on two par 3's)

Individual Based Game using a points and handicap system. You're free to make your own foursome, we'll pair up those who don't have a group.
This is a really fun game for a diverse group of golfers.

The format awards points for the following scores on any hole:

4 for Eagle
3 for Birdie
2 for Par
1 for Bogey
0 for Double Bogey

Each player has a quota of points to earn in a round, and those quotas are based on an expected average score.

The number 108 is the "magic number" for determining point quotas. You subtract a player's expected average score from 108 to get his points quota. For a simple example, if a player is expected to average 72, his quota is 36 (108 minus 72). This assumes he can earn 2 points for a par on every hole. A player who averages 90 needs 18 points to break even.

Quotas are adjusted after each round. If you underscore you have a lower quota the next week and vice versa. The adjustments are only half the difference which accounts for variability. If my quota is 16 and I score 14 points, my quota the next week is 15.

There are weekly payouts and a cumulative total prize for the season's top points earners.

This format does a great job of creating a real active competition between players of all abilities. There are people who are only required to pull 3-4 points some days and others who need to earn 36. But in a way we're all playing the same course and the same game and anyone could get hot and win.

Men age 69 and younger play White tees, players 70+ play Silver tees and women play Red tees. The game will use improved lies, but no gimmie putts.

*2023 Season Play Dates

May 24, May 31, June 7, June 14, June 21, June 28, July 19, August 2, August 9, August 23, August 30, Sept 6

Regular Points Game Players are eligible to play in the LIBERTY CHAMPIONSHIPS!

Order Food: (937) 565-9028

Liberty Hills Golf Club
665 Road 190 West
Bellefontaine, OH 43311