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Points Game

New 18 Hole Golf League/Event!Points

Select Wednesdays* at 1:00, Just show up by 12:45 to play

*2023 Season Play Dates

Weds afternoons May 24 - Sept 13 (except  no play on July 5, July 26, Aug 16)

This is an Open Game: come when you want.
Call it a league, a game, a tournament... we call it the Points Game.

1:00 start,18 Holes

You're free to make your own foursome, we'll pair up those who don't have a group.

Entry fee = $30 per player ($20 golf & cart, $10 game fee)
($8 Point Game, $1 skins, $1 close-to-pin (x2)
Members: $15 per player
Members with annual cart: $10 per player

Individual Based Scoring Game using a points and quota handicap system. Each player has a quota of points to earn in a round, and those quotas are based on an expected average score. For example average score of 90 = 18 pt quota, average score of 80 = 28 pt quota, etc.

Two flights based on 50% split.

The format awards points for the following scores on any hole:

4 for Eagle
3 for Birdie
2 for Par
1 for Bogey
0 for Double Bogey

The number 108 is the "magic number" for determining point quotas. You subtract a player's expected average score from 108 to get his points quota. For a simple example, if a player is expected to average 72, his quota is 36 (108 minus 72). This assumes he can earn 2 points for a par on every hole. A player who averages 90 needs 18 points to break even.

Quotas are adjusted after each round. If you underscore you have a lower quota the next week and vice versa. The adjustments are only half the difference which accounts for variability. If my quota is 16 and I score 14 points, my quota the next week is 15.

There are weekly payouts and a cumulative total prize for the season's top points earners.

This format does a great job of creating a real active competition between players of all abilities. There are people who are only required to pull 3-4 points some days and others who need to earn 36. But in a way we're all playing the same course and the same game and anyone could get hot and win.

Men age 69 and younger play White tees, players 70+ play Silver tees and women play Red tees. The game will use improved lies, but no gimmie putts.

Liberty Hills Golf Club
665 Road 190 West
Bellefontaine, OH 43311


Order Food: (937) 565-9028