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New Golf Rules 2019: What You Need to Know

New Golf Rules 2019: What You Need to Know

In the most sweeping revision in more than 60 years, officials from the USGA and R&A, golf's governing bodies, have reorganized the rules making them easier to understand and apply. These useful changes can help save you strokes and will benefit everyday golfers.

Here's a quick look at the new rules that can have the biggest impact on your game:

Problems Slicing? Try this Slice-Proof Grip

Problems Slicing? Try this Slice-Proof Grip

#1- WRONG- With left thumb
straight down shaft, this is a slice grip.
#2- CORRECT- Left thumb correctly
angled toward right shoulder.
#3- Right palm fits naturally over
left thumb.
Chipping: The One-Fourth Rule

Chipping: The One-Fourth Rule

2chip 3chip 1chip

Focus on a spot for your ball to
land when setting up to chip.

The landing spot should be one
fourth the distance to the hole
when chipping with a 9-iron.

Once you have determined where
to land the ball, concentrate on
carrying the ball to that spot.

Keys to Success:

1. Use this shot only when your landing spot is on the fringe or the green.
2. The One-Fourth Rule assumes a flat surface. Adjust for slopes accordingly.
3. This ratio applies specifically to the 9-iron chip shot.

One-Thousand-One Putting Tip

One-Thousand-One Putting Tip

Regardless of the length of the putt, the rhythm and duration of the stroke should remain the same.  Try saying the phrase:  "One-thousand-one" to yourself as you putt.  Saying the words in a natural cadence should take a little longer than one second.  Applying this rhythm to every length of putt will help your speed control.

dscn0613 dscn0618 dscn0619

Here's how a short putt looks: Begin
at rest as you address the ball.

On the back swing say:

On the through swing say:

Simplify Greenside Bunker Shots

Simplify Greenside Bunker Shots

When hitting a shot from a greenside bunker, a very effective swing thought is to hit some sand out onto the green.  If you're not getting enough sand, square the club face and swing at a steeper angle.  If you're getting too much sand, open the club face and swing at a more shallow angle.

sand1 sand2

At address:  Ball position just inside left heel

Club face is open so it slides under the ball


sand3 sand4

Swing with enough force as if to hit a 
50-75 yard shot, about a 3/4 swing

Long shallow divot... think bacon strips not
pork chops

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