2017 Amigo League Champs


Tom Abrahamson and Jim Clement topped the field for the 2017 season

ole buddy17

2017 Ole Buddy Tournament Winners: David Hook and Stan Chandler


2018 Info

$85, payable to Randy Korn ASAP

Course Fees:
16 weeks regular competition (May 3- August 16) + 1 position round (August 23) = 17 weeks total season

For those who are not LHGC members:
Riders: $289  ($144.50 due May 3, $144.50 due June 21)
Walkers: $238 ($119 due May 3, $119 due June 21)

For LHGC Annual Pass Members:
Riders without Annual Cart: Purchase a Members Cart Card for $65 and get it punched weekly. When you run out, purchase another. These are usable anytime, not just for your league rounds. Saves you $1 per 9 holes over regular cart rates.
Annual Cart Members or Walkers:  No additional fees, you’re covered for league play

Sub Fees
LHGC Members who obtain subs who are not members are responsible for their sub’s fee for the round

August 26- Ole Buddy Tournament