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Event Results


Click Below for event champions and more event results:

Senior Series 4-Plyr Scramble 2021


Game is straight scramble. White tees. Age 70+ Silver Tees. Ladies & 80+ Red Tees.

Pick up your box lunch at the Tavern Bar.


7:52 AM Tony Stafford Stafford Tony
    Alspaugh Bert
    Jolliff Duane
    Dolan Terry
8:00 AM Jeff Goings Goings Jeff
    Whitaker Darren
    Conley Chris
    McClellan Greg
8:08 AM Snake Fuerst Fuerst Snake
    Jenkins Ken
    Day Ken
    Day John
8:16 AM Michael Allen Allen Michael
    McDonald John
    Hollar Bob
    Garlock Dan
8:24 AM Rick  Hatcher Hatcher Rick
    Ellis Pat
    Beam Tom
    Lane Denny
8:32 AM Robert Holtz Holtz Bob
    Geiger Pete
    Bodie Chris
    Steffen Sue
8:40 AM Larry Lewis Lewis Larry
    Gordon Tom
    Hale Dan
    Mahle Jim
8:48 AM Steve Harmon Harmon Steve
    Walter Phil
    Shatto Steve
    Reier Tom
8:56 AM Todd Stump Stump Todd
    Vermillion Jim
    Zilles Earl
    Eichholtz Bud
9:04 AM Gary Cavinder Cavinder Gary
    Overholser Don
    Cohn Russ
    Alexander Jerry
9:12 AM Mike Hackett Hackett Mike
    Crawford Bill
    Boling Jim
    Weaver Tracy
9:20 AM Doug Titus Titus Doug
    Cooksey Tom
    Allison Dave
    Thornburg Chuck
9:28 AM Frank Vitt Vitt Frank
    Traucht Al
    Lattimer Larry
    Stevenson Wayne
9:36 AM Wally Munz Munz Wally
    Louden Bill
    Deaner Tom
    Pugh Doug
9:44 AM Gary Downing Downing Gary
    Early John
    Dinovo Mike
    Shaner Rich
9:52 AM Bob Burch Burch Bob
    Hanger Jim
    Brownlee Dan
    Tbd Tbd
10:00 AM Jim Morris Morris Jim
    Morris Tim
    Chandler Stan
    Tbd Tbd

Ladies Spring Scramble '21

May 12, 2021


Rank Name PlayerNames Rounds Total Prize
1 Judi Cripple Judi C - Carol D - Wendi R - Alexis R 61 -9 $25 E-gift cards
1 Marla Flinn Marla F - Jacque H - Marty D - Trish B 61 -9 $25 E-gift cards
3 Anne Holtz Anne H - Chris B - Grace M - Sue S 65 -5 $22 E-gift cards
4 Lynn Darby Lynn D - Gail A - Cindy H - Deb K 66* -4 $20 E-gift cards
4 Marianne Thomas Marianne T - Margie M - Gina B - Di R 66 -4  
4 Sharon Leach Sharon L - Michelle A - Mary L - Maryanne C 66 -4  
7 Kathy Teman Kathy T - LouAnn W - Shirley W - Sandy S 67 -3  
7 Tina  Bulle Tina B - Melissa H - Cindy H - Rashel R 67 -3  
9 Cindy Maxhimer Kay R - Kathy W - Deb K - Diane E 68 -2  
10 Karen  Fisher Karen F - Jenny M - Lisa K - Lori A 69 -1  
11 Dar Hollar Dar H - Kathy D - Shelly R - Sue C 70 E  
11 Nancy Walter Nancy W - Pris R - Jeanie B - Karen D 70 E  
13 Amy Dettra Amy D - Terri O - Jackie K - Mandi D 71 +1 $20 E-gift cards
13 Brenda Parlette Brenda P - Dawn W - Missy S - Tonya S 71 +1  
13 Charlotte Schaub Charlotte S - Alicia B - Carol M - Brenda K 71 +1  
16 Debora Hemmert Debora H - Wanda C - Kelli M - Evie L 72 +2 $20 E-gift cards
16 Lisa Case Lisa C - Deb G - Shelia N - Loretta R 72 +2  
18 Beth Basil Beth B - Gloria E - Beth M - Nancy T 73 +3  
18 Diana Vest Diana V - Lynn M - Sue H - Mary P 73 +3 $20 E-gift cards
18 Nan McCord Nan M - Marilyn A - Jan B - Jan P 73 +3  
21 Jane Kline Jane K - Bev W - Deb W - Jan L 74 +4  
21 Julie McNeil Julie M - Debbie M - Andi M - Linda K 74 +4  
21 Paula Fout Paula F - Sharon K - Jana M - Jill S 74 +4  
21 Susie Toller Susie T - Luanne F - Cindy O - Ellen J 74 +4  
25 Cathy Snider Cathy S - Carol S - Elaine L - Judy K 75 +5 $20 E-gift cards
25 Jean Reames Jean R - Rachael B - Lisa G - Tammy C 75 +5  
25 Vicki Doty Vicki D - Susie M - Barb H - Linda N 75 +5  
28 Linda Cook Linda C - Carol F - Alice M - Marge T 77 +7  
    *won scorecard playoff with par on hole 8      

All the Winners: Please forgive if we mixed up order of names in any of the photos...


Alexis, Wendi, Judi & Carol shot 61 and won $25 e-gift cards


Marla, Marty, Jacque & Trish shot 61 and won $25 e-gift cards


Anne, Grace, Chris & Sue nailed it at -5.


Lynn, Gail, Cindy & Deb tied with 2 other teams at 66 but won the score card playoff with a par on the no. 1 handicap 8th hole (into the wind!)


Di, Gina, Marianne and Margie also tied with 66


Mary, Michelle, Sharon and Maryanne also tied at 66


Sandy, Shirley, Kathy and Lou Ann were (-3) at 67


Cindy, Melissa, Rashel and Tina were also (-3) at 67


Diane, Kay, Deb and Kathy shot (-2) 68


Jenny, Karen, Lisa & Lori were (-1) with a 69


Kathy, Due, Dar and Shelly finished at even par


Karen, Jeannie, Nancy & Pris kept it even and fashionable


Amy, Terri, Jackie & Mandi were Draw Winners of $20 E-gift cards!


Dawn, Missy, Brenda & Tonya tamed the wind to keep it +1


Brenda, Charlotte, Alisha and Carol mostly stayed out of trouble with +1


Wanda, Deb, Kelli & Evie were Draw Winners with $20 E-gift cards!


Shelia, Loretta, Deb and Lisa leaned in for a +2


Beth x 2, Nancy and Gloria kept it close at +3


Sue, Lynn, Diana and Mary were Draw Winners of $20 E-gift cards!


Jan, Nan, and Jan allowed Marilyn to play with them even though her name didn't rhyme


Jane told Jan, Deb and Bev that a wide stance was necessary to battle the day's windy conditions


Linda, Sheryl, Julie & Bev know how to have fun


Sharon did her best to keep Paula, Jill, & Jana out of trouble


Cindy, Ellen, Luanne and Susie were in the thick of it with 74


Cathy, Elaine, Carol and Judy were Draw Winners of $20 E-gift cards!


Jean, Tammy, Rachael and Lisa just love golf!


Carol kept Linda, Marge and Alice organized all day. A good time was had by all! Thanks for playing!

Bloody Par 3 2020

October 24, 2020

Bloody Par 3 final


Winning teams received E-Gift Cards added to your account. These can be used anytime for anything at Liberty Hills.

Thanks for playing!

Steve Harmon 50
Phil Walter 1st $50 each
Jacob Rutan 51
Ryan Meister 2nd $40 each
Doug Rutan 52
Ken Jenkins T-3rd $25 each
Denny Lane 52
Gary Bolyard T-3rd $25 each
Jeff Goings 53
Darren Whitaker T-4th $20 each
Alan Randolph 53
Larry Stydnk T-4th $20 each
Darin Vermillion 54
Greg McClellan T-5th $10 each
Bill Courant 54
John Millice T-5th $10 each
Keith Chamberlain 55
Steve Tracey  
Snake Fuerst 55
Ken Day  
Chris Downing 55
Drue Staffan  
Cody Lyons 55
Dave Lyons  
Chris Bailey 56
Scott Severt  
Jerry Orahood 56
Jeff Kauffenberger  
Miker Ringler 57
Bill Hitchcock  
Dave Stroud 58
Zach Cremeans  
Tony Fink 58
Doug Titus  
Chris Bodie 58
Mike Raschen  
Matthew Shade 60
Jacob Kline  
Rich Wilson  
Wyatt Wilson 60
Landon Williams 60
Tyler Louden  
Jered Neidhart 61
Tim Whalen  
Vin Rosetti 62
Ric Rosetti  
Ben Galloway 62
John Rockman  
Charles Kellenberger 63
Doug Woolley  
Sue Steffin 63
Bob Wallace  
Zachary Creamer 64
Cameron Crain  
Chad Woodruff 64
Brian Case  
Chuck Thornburg 64
Tammy Thornburg  
Larry Gleeson 64
Jere Daniels  
Russ Duprey 65
Bob Cohn  
Lisa Case 66
Gail Wilson  
Marshall Sprinkle 66
Justin Morris  
Bruce Foreman 66
Terry Richardson  
Jacob Forrest 66
Bill Hooper  
Allen Huddleston 68
Chris Dunn  
Mike Sullivan 68
Braden Lance  
Michaelle Woodruff 68
Amy Bailey  
James Dick 68
Jessica Holliday  
Jack Walters 69
Jean Reames  
Cameron McKinley 69
Jill Brunke  
Trent Thomas 72
Mia Walters  
Tim Thomas 76
Rachel Thomas  
Lisa Guider 80
Lindsey Bechtel  
Ryan Schmidt  
Ryan Clune 82
Chrs Dunn  
Allen  Hudleson 82
Michael A Rockhold also had fun
Michael J Rockhold  
Norman Crosby also had fun
Brent Burk  
Patrick Toller also had fun
Alyssa Ridinger  
Chris Eaton also had fun
Shane Glassburn  
Hole 4 J. Rutan/Meister  
Hole 7 D. Rutan/Jenkins  
Hole 11 Lane/Bolyard  
no birdies on 3(white tee on 3 to 5 green)
no birdies on 9(red tee on 9 to 9 green)
no birdies on 17(right fairway 17 to 17 green)

Chieftain Scramble

October 17, 2020

1456762414 chieftain head color

Score Group: First Name Last Name
54 Ryan Sawmiller Ryan Sawmiller
1st Ryan Sawmiller tba tba
  Ryan Sawmiller tba tba
  Ryan Sawmiller tba tba
55 wayne ropp Wayne Ropp
2nd/3rd wayne ropp Shawn Bechtel
  wayne ropp Ken Day
  wayne ropp Adam Viera
55 Jake Rutan Jake Rutan
2nd/3rd Jake Rutan Ryan Meister
  Jake Rutan Landon Williams
  Jake Rutan Mike Louden
56 Steve Graham Steve Graham
  Steve Graham Latrell Clark
  Steve Graham Jim Berton
  Steve Graham Darin Vermillion
58 Gregory Newkirk Greg Newkirk
  Gregory Newkirk Brian Ballard
  Gregory Newkirk Nathan Wheeler
  Gregory Newkirk Donald Harris
59 Brandt Fields Brandt Fields
  Brandt Fields Brady Bechtel
  Brandt Fields Jaron Antill
  Brandt Fields Jordan Vermillion
60 Wes Legge Wes Legge
  Wes Legge Jim South
  Wes Legge Andy Chileski
  Wes Legge Josh Muchow
61 Paul Kite Paul Kite
  Paul Kite Jon Hayduk
  Paul Kite tba tba
  Paul Kite tba tba
61 Matt Gross Matt Gross
  Matt Gross Ryan Clay
  Matt Gross Tim Hollon
  Matt Gross Kurt Seeley
61 Levi Reed Levi Reed
  Levi Reed Jeff Dill
  Levi Reed Dallas Brunke
  Levi Reed Caleb Elkins
61 Tara Zedeker Tara Phelps
  Tara Zedeker Andy Phelps
  Tara Zedeker Jenna Wickersham
  Tara Zedeker Dustin Wickersham
62 Jim Clement Jim Clement
  Jim Clement Toby Smith
  Jim Clement tba  
  Jim Clement tba  
63 Melanie Asman Mike Asman
  Melanie Asman jeremy plank
  Melanie Asman brian lirette
  Melanie Asman jason evans
64 Nathan Arbogast Nathan Arbogast
  Nathan Arbogast Caleb Arbogast
  Nathan Arbogast Rob Strayer
  Nathan Arbogast Sammy Strayer
65 Zach Walker Zach Walker
  Zach Walker Kody Watts
  Zach Walker Aaron Chatfield
  Zach Walker Austin Hammond
65 Mary  Noffsinger Dan Noffsinger
  Mary  Noffsinger Mary Noffsinger
  Mary  Noffsinger Josh Wallace
  Mary  Noffsinger Susan Wallace
65 Richard Walker Richard Walker
  Richard Walker Don Kauffman
  Richard Walker Marcus Walker
  Richard Walker Richard Walker
66 Mick  Lile Mick Lile
  Mick  Lile Kyndal Newkirk
  Mick  Lile Curt Peterson
  Mick  Lile Charlie Rader
66 LeAnn Taylor adam taylor
  LeAnn Taylor emily taylor
  LeAnn Taylor bob mitchell
  LeAnn Taylor blaine mitchell
66 Johnny Maurice Johnny Maurice
  Johnny Maurice tba tba
  Johnny Maurice tba tba
  Johnny Maurice tba tba
67 Robert Reynolds Robert Reynolds
  Robert Reynolds Kelli Tevis
  Robert Reynolds Annika Reynolds
  Robert Reynolds Scott Stephens
67 Brady Hiatt Brady Hiatt
  Brady Hiatt Anastasia Hiatt
  Brady Hiatt Kyle Spence
  Brady Hiatt tba tba
73 Jean Reames Jean Reames
  Jean Reames Jack Walter
  Jean Reames Lisa Guider
  Jean Reames Tammy Cox
NC Kelly Buffkin Kelly Buffkin
  Kelly Buffkin Katie Buffkin
  Kelly Buffkin Alexis Buffkin
  Kelly Buffkin Mary Gildow

Senior Shamble 2020

October 14, 2020

Screen Shot 2013 06 08 at 12.30.10 PM 297x300

4 Teams won gift cards, if you didn't stay to receive it was added to your account as an E-Gift Card.
4 Teams were randowm draw winners for $20 E-Gift Cards.
Skins were paid as listed below.

First Name Last Name Score
Doug Savage 120
Eritt Coon 1st Place
Joe Curran $35 Gift Cards
Bob Devlin  
Snake Fuerst 122
Gary Karch 2nd Place
Ken Day $30 E-Gift Cards
Chuck Thornburg  
Mike Allen 124
John McDonald 3rd Place
Bob Hollar $25 Gift Cards
Dan Garlock  
Todd Stump 125
Dale Golff 4th Place
Tony Fink $20 E-Gift Cards
Bud Eichholz  
John Early 127
Gary Downing  
Rich Shaner  
John Hofman  
Jeff Goings 128
Darren Whitaker Draw winners
Chris Conley $20 E-Gift Cards
Greg McClellan  
Richard Zerkle 128
Scott Zerkle  
Keith Levan  
Keith Jackson  
Robert Holtz 131
Pete Geiger Draw winners
Mike Haemmerle $20 E-Gift Cards
Harold Harris  
Frank Vitt 132
Al Traucht  
Larry Lattimer  
Wayne Stevenson  
Vince Marchese 132
Jim Stults  
Tom Burton  
Jorge Gonzales  
Duane Jolliff 132
Jeff Fout Draw winners
Tony Grant $20 E-Gift Cards
Randy Risner  
Larry Gleeson 133
Jere Daniels  
Harry Graber  
Chuck Graber  
Bob Fawcett 133
Tom Beam  
Doug Titus  
Scott Albert  
Greg Apple 138
Duane Wilson  
Hobart Roush  
Bob Reisinger  
Larry Lewis 136
Tom Gordon  
Dan Hale  
Willie Cox  
Norman Crosby 146
Brent Burk  
Frank Wolf  
Larry Peterson  
Bill Louden 149
Wally Munz  
Tom Diener  
Doug Pugh  
Paul Wiehe 153
Dave Hollenbacker  
Orrin Tucker  
Dwight Wilges  
Kurt Bailar 154
Jerry Bishop Draw winners
Chuck Heck $20 E-Gift Cards
Craig Zink  
Skins $60 each  
1-Ball skins    
2 on #4 Savage  
3 on #12 Goings  
3 on #16 Early  
2-Ball skins    
7 on #3 Allen  
4 on #4 Savage  
7 on #6 Savage  
7 on #16 Early  

Rewards Invitational

October 11, 2020


Thanks for a fun day!

First Name Last Name Score
Tim Cerwinsky 54
Snake Fuerst $25 E-Gift Card each
Thad Hartzler  
Gary Kerns  
John Day 54
Ken Day $25 E-Gift Card each
Ben Galloway  
Josh Eppich  
Tony Fink 55
TJ Fink $20 E-Gift Card each
Dale Goff  
Todd Stump  
Jacob Rutan 56
Ryan Meister  
John Early  
Rich Shaner  
Earl Zilles 57
Mike Vetorino  
Adam Rammel  
Justin Dinovo  
Wayne Ropp 57
Ryan Ropp  
Lance Clark  
Mike Clark  
Bill Hooper 57
Jake Forrest  
Josh Wallace  
Austin Kelly  
Jeff Goings 58
Ken Jenkins  
Gary Downing  
Tony England  
Mike Sullivan 59
Tom Tosi  
Chris Bodie  
Mike Raschen  
Norman Crosby 59
Jason Deitrick  
Jim Burchett  
Jeremy Rhoads  
Wes Legge 60
Chris Harmon  
Bob Fawcett  
Joe Fawcett  
Wayne Stevenson 60
Geoff Stevenson  
Jason Hamilton  
Bob Davis  
Brady Hiatt 60
Darin Vermillion  
Rob Merritt  
Zoey Merritt  
Mark Carter 60
Larry Lattimer  
Steve Strayer  
Matthew Strayer  
Brad Wilkins 61
Doug Pugh  
Tom Diener  
Dwight Adkins  
Jerami Barnes 61
Doug Wesson  
chris dillon Sr  
chris dillon 2nd  
Mike Caudill 61
Keith Levan  
Darrell Johnston  
Chuck Hildreth  
Larry Searles 61
Brian Thompson  
Tom Cooksey  
Heidi Cooksey  
Shawn Jordan 62
Chad Claybaugh  
Robert Benavides  
Chris Louth  
Steve Harmon 62
Sherri Harmon  
Tami Thornburg  
Chuck Thornburg  
Dana Fish 63
Morgan Fish  
Jean Reames  
Lisa Guider  
John Robson 63
Parker Robson  
Michael Woodruff  
Ken Kuhns  
david heaberlin 63
Russ Walters  
Robert Cohn  
Russ Duprey  
Bud Overton 63
John Lewis  
Chuck Kellenberger  
Hobart Roush  
Bev Watkins 63
Dwight Watkins  
Bill Louden  
John Matthews  
Pat Farley 64
Bert Alspaugh  
Doug Rutan  
Doug Titus  
Debora Hemmert 64
Eric Hemmert  
Wanda Castle  
Trip Davis  
Steve Flora 65
Dave Allison  
Brian Fout  
Mark Conrad  
Richard Walker 65
Don Kauffman  
Bruce Foreman  
Terry Richardson  
Kevin Stoodt 65
Jim Stoodt  
Michael Wallace  
Nick Fisher  
Jane Kline 65
Gina Rucker  
Aaron Taylor  
Jeff Coaty  
Phil Walter 66
Nancy Walter  
Doc Bosslet  
Karen Dickman  
Charlotte Schaub 66
Amy Newland  
Jere Daniels  
Larry Gleeson  
Harley James 67
Butch Hawkins  
Tim Thornburg  
Dave Thornburg  
Miker Ringler 67
Matt Williams  
Nick Price  
Luke Duprey  
Jess Holliday 69
James Dick  
Jeff Williams  
Teresa Williams  
Christi Dodds 69
Tim Woodrum  
Priscilla Reier  
Thomas Reier  
Joyce Zilles 71
Shari Stout  
Danny Atwood  
Dan Brownlee  
Michele Lusch 73
Rodger Lusch  
Bob Carnes  
Lori Carnes  

Ladies Fall Harvest Scramble 2020

October 7, 2020

judy hubbell ace

Breaking News! We were informed late that Judy Hubbell recorded her first ACE this day on Hole 11. Way to go Judy!

Thanks to all for playing, it was a great day!

Winnings are paid in E-Gift Cards which are attached to each person's account at Liberty Hills. These can be used anytime for anything just like a regular gift card. The top 4 gross score finishing teams (plus one tie) we paid in gift cards. In lieu of net prizes (which can be pretty arbitrary due to lack of official handicapping) we randomly draw 4 teams from the remaining group.

Team: First Name Last Name Score
Linda Neer Linda Neer 57
Linda Neer Sherry Dupler 1st
Linda Neer Hazel Peterson $40 each
Linda Neer Helen Grassbaugh  
Dianne Rouch Dianne Rouch 58
Dianne Rouch Judy MacNamee 2nd
Dianne Rouch Becky Dunfee $35 each
Dianne Rouch Angie Thorne  
Marla Flinn Marla Flinn 60
Marla Flinn Marty Dale 3rd
Marla Flinn Jacque Howell $30 each
Marla Flinn Peg Wynkoop  
Nancy White Nancy White 61
Nancy White Paula Kidder T-4th
Nancy White Liz Yoho $25 each
Nancy White Mary Ann Rapp  
Kathy Milam Kathy Milam 61
Kathy Milam Ginger Fulton T-4th
Kathy Milam Barb Baugh $25 each
Kathy Milam Shari Brock  
RaShel Reier RaShel Reier 62
RaShel Reier Cindy Helman  
RaShel Reier Tina Bulle  
RaShel Reier Lisa March  
Marianne  Thomas Marianne Thomas 62
Marianne  Thomas Gina Burke  
Marianne  Thomas Margie Miller  
Marianne  Thomas Susan Crist  
Charlotte Schaub Charlotte Schaub 64
Charlotte Schaub Carol Mitchell  
Charlotte Schaub Nancy Clum  
Charlotte Schaub Brenda Kattman  
Ann Davis Ann Davis 64
Ann Davis Paula Elliott  
Ann Davis Cindy Sheets  
Ann Davis Lou Bailey  
Dina Herald Dina Herald 65
Dina Herald Joyce Marchand Draw 2
Dina Herald Lori McKee $25 each
Dina Herald Patsy Hommon  
Beth Basil Beth Basil 65
Beth Basil Gloria Elliott  
Beth Basil Nancy Thorne  
Beth Basil Beth Moore  
Nancy Walter Nancy Walter 65
Nancy Walter Pris Reier  
Nancy Walter Karen Dickman  
Nancy Walter Jeanie Bosslet  
Sharon  Leach Sharon Leach 66
Sharon  Leach Linda Thompson  
Sharon  Leach Mary Levan  
Sharon  Leach Michelle Adkins  
Trecia Alderson Trecia Alderson 66
Trecia Alderson Pam Nelson  
Trecia Alderson Terry Bennett  
Trecia Alderson Lorain Culp  
Darlene Hollar Darlene Hollar 66
Darlene Hollar Sue Cramer  
Darlene Hollar Carol Jackson  
Cathy  Snider Cathy Snider 66
Cathy  Snider Dolly Bledsoe  
Cathy  Snider Cheryl Donovan  
Cathy  Snider Judy Hubbell  
Jane Kline Jane Kline 67
Jane Kline Bev Watkins  
Jane Kline Deb Ward  
Jane Kline Jan Lambert  
Diana Vest Diana Vest 67
Diana Vest Sue Hupp  
Diana Vest Carol Fox  
Diana Vest Debbie Marshall  
Julie McNeil Julie McNeil 67
Julie McNeil Sheryl Miller Draw 3
Julie McNeil Linda Kline $25 each
Julie McNeil Andi Mounts  
Cindy Maxhimer Cindy Maxhimer 68
Cindy Maxhimer Diane Evans  
Cindy Maxhimer Kay Rudisill  
Cindy Maxhimer Kathy Wolever  
Karen  Fisher Karen Fisher 68
Karen  Fisher Jenny Mefferd  
Karen  Fisher Lisa Krock  
Karen  Fisher Deb Osburn  
Kathy  Teman Kathy Teman 69
Kathy  Teman Louann Wiltsie  
Kathy  Teman Shirley Wiltsie  
Kathy  Teman Sandy Schimmoeller  
Vicki Doty Vicki Doty 69
Vicki Doty Sue McDowell  
Vicki Doty Barb Hovest  
Vicki Doty Darlene Dresen  
Nan McCord Nan McCord 69
Nan McCord Marilyn Allen  
Nan McCord Jan Borg  
Nan McCord Sue Knerr  
Michelle Hart Michelle Hart 70
Michelle Hart Gerri Perkins Draw 4
Michelle Hart Cindy Carpenter $25 each
Michelle Hart Shelley Carpenter  
Cindy Ohlsen Cindy Ohlsen 70
Cindy Ohlsen LuAnn Fultz  
Cindy Ohlsen Ellen Joslin  
Cindy Ohlsen Joanie Metz  
Deborah Goffena Deborah Goffena 70
Deborah Goffena Melanie Payne  
Deborah Goffena Susie Toller  
Deborah Goffena Amy Albers  
Debora Hemmert Debora Hemmert 71
Debora Hemmert Wanda Castle  
Debora Hemmert Kelli Marsh  
Debora Hemmert Evie Lenski  
Lisa Case Lisa Case 72
Lisa Case Deb Geuy  
Lisa Case Loretta Rhodes  
Lisa Case Roxanne Shirley  
Amy Dettra Sue Dloughy 72
Amy Dettra Carol Evans  
Amy Dettra Jackie Kuhns  
Amy Dettra Terri Oconnell  
Carol Sweeney Carol Sweeney 72
Carol Sweeney Danielle Good Draw 1
Carol Sweeney Kathy Blankenship $25 each
Carol Sweeney Judy Kent  
Debra Kelly Debra Kelly 75
Debra Kelly Mary Davidson  
Debra Kelly Mary Bates  
Debra Kelly Dani Plank  
Jean Reames Jean Reames 76
Jean Reames Lindsey Bechtel  
Jean Reames Lisa Guider  
Jean Reames Teressa Walters  


Liberty Cup 2020

September 26-27, 2020

Liberty Cup Logo

Blue makes it back to back wins

After ending Day 1 in a 5 1/2 all square match, the blue battled back to defeat the red for a second consecutive year. Day 2 was decisively blue with the matches ending 8 1/2 to 2 1/2 making the total match 14:8. Blue Captains were Dillon Callicoat and Ken Jenkins and Red Captains were Roy Hobson and Jeff Goings.

blue 2020 web

Blue Team, front row from left: Gary Downing, Shaun Shipp, Michael Coleman, Ken Jenkins, Dillon Callicoat, John Early, Terry Dolan, Bert Alspaugh, Steve Strayer. Back row: Tony Fink, Mark Coleman, Doug Titus, Chuck Graber, Dan Brownlee, Doug Miller, Chuck Thornburg, Shawn Jordan, Mike Caudill, Bob Fawcett, Shawn Fuerst, Chris Bailey, (missing Darrell Johnston).

Lefty Righty Jumble 2020

September 20, 2020

2 player Jumble score = 6 holes scramble + 6 holes best ball + 6 holes alternate shot

lr louden20

Winners with a Jumble score of 67 were Mike & Bill Louden
lr harmon20
Steve Harmon & Dean Stillings finished second with a 71 Jumble score.
lr fawcett20lr bayliss20
Bob Fawcett & Zane Bayliss were third with a 72 Jumble score.
The 3 top finishing teams won E-Gift Cards in the amounts listed. 4 more teams were drawn at random to win $20 each. E-Gift cards are posted to your account at Liberty Hills and can be spent any time like cash.
First Name Last Name First Name Last Name Score
Mike Louden Bill Louden 67
        1st- $50 each
Steve Harmon Dean Stillings 71
        2nd- $40 each
Zane Bayliss Bob Fawcett 72
        3rd- $30 each
Doug Rutan Tim West 73
Darin Vermillion Steve Vermillion 73
        Draw 2- $20 each
Dan Brownlee Denny Lane 73
        Draw 1 - $20 each
Jerami Barnes Jere Daniels 74
Jeff Kaffenbarger Ryan Killen 76
Ted Marquis Chris Bell 76
Darrell Johnston Eric Fry 76
Chris Bailey Brice Ream 77
Dan Shelpman Greg Hower 77
Jim South Dan Navin 77
Snake Fuerst Ty Angle 78
Doug Wesson Jeff Wilcox 78
Ken Jenkins Todd Stump 78
Shaun Oyer Payton Oyer 80
        Draw 4 - $20 each
Miker Ringler Brad Bailey 84
Scott Thompson Phil Millington 84
        Draw 3 - $20 each
David Heaberlin Russ Walters 84

Senior Texas Scramble 2020

September 16, 2020


Tournament Results

 Winners will have $$ posted to their account as E-Gift Cards

There were 3 skins: eagles on 3, 4, 6

Frank Vitt 57
Al Traucht 1st by
Wayne Stevenson card playoff
Bob Clappsaddle $30 each
Tom Beam 57
Denny Lane 2nd by
Doug Titus card playoff
Bob Fawcett $25 each
Richard Zerkle 57
Scott Zerkle 3rd by
John Day card playoff
Ken Day $20 each
Robert Holtz 58
Pete Geiger  
Gary Scheiderer  
Mike Haemmerle  
John Early 58
Gary Downing  
Richie Shaner  
Mike Dinovo  
Wally Munz 60
Logan Chanay  
Bill Louden  
Tom Diener  
larry lewis 63
tom gordon Draw winner
dan hale $10 each
willie cox  
Larry Gleeson 64
Jere Daniels Draw winner
Harry Graber $10 each
Jeff Wolford  

Liberty Senior Championship 2020

September 2-3, 2020

hughes sr20champ

Bob Hughes, Bellefontaine, is our 2020 Liberty Senior Champion!Bob fired 69/70 to finish 1-under par for the two day event.
He birdied holes 1 & 2 to beat out Jeff Goings, Rushylvania, in a two hole play-off.

goings sr20   levan sr20

Jeff Goings was 60-69 Champ.   Keith Levan won 60-69 Low Net award.

lane sr20   latt sr20

Denny Lane was the 70 & over Champion.   Larry Lattimer won the 70 & over Low Net award.

gregmc sr20   jenks sr20

Greg McClellan was the 50-59 Champion.  Ken Jenkins won the 50-59 Low Net award.

Final Results 2020 Liberty Senior Championship

HC     Rd 1 Rd 2 TOTAL net  
0 Goings Jeff 66 73 139 139 60-champ
0 Hughes Bob 69 70 139 139 CHAMP
0 McClellan Greg 71 71 142 142 50-champ
1 Jenkins Ken 73 71 144 142 50-net
0 Day Kenny 72 76 148 148  
5 Allison Dave 75 73 148 138  
3 Coleman Michael 79 70 149 143  
3 Titus Doug 76 76 152 146  
9 Levan Keith 76 79 155 137 60-net
6 Thornburg Chuck 76 80 156 144  
9 Fawcett Bob 79 77 156 138  
8 Stevenson Wayne 80 77 157 141  
8 Marquis Doug 80 80 160 144  
2 Harmon Steve 79 82 161 157  
9 Cooksey Tom 82 81 163 145  
12 Benavides Robert 83 83 166 142  
8 Walter  Phil 86 81 167 151  
3 Bowling Jim 83 89 172 166  
12 Ringler Miker 87 87 174 150  
16 Gleeson Larry 90 95 185 153  
13 Dillon Chris 97 89 186 160  
10 Baker Dana 93 95 188 168  
HC 70 & OVER   Rd 1 Rd 2 TOTAL net  
4 Lane Denny 71 69 140 132 70-champ
1 Eichholtz Bud 71 70 141 139  
2 Zerkle Rick 75 73 148 144  
7 Lattimer Larry 77 74 151 137 70-net
6 Humble Terry 75 78 153 141  
1 Shatto Steve 75 79 154 152  
14 Knoch Bob 79 88 167 139  
15 Lambert Howard 90 92 182 152  


Results Round 1, Weds Sept 2

2020 Sr Champ Day 1

Senior 2-Player Jumble 2020

August 12, 2020

Screen Shot 2013 06 08 at 12.30.10 PM 297x300
& gals too of course

Winners have E-Gift Cards posted to their accounts.

Score First Name Last Name E-Gift Card
64 Greg McClellan $25
  Jim Vermillion $25
65 Jeff Goings $20
  Darren Whitaker $20
65 Doug Rutan $20
  Ken Jenkins $20
65 Denny Lane $20
  Gary Bolyard $20
67 Tom Beam  
  Dick Tiffany  
69 Euell Gibson $15
  Clayton Bullett $15
69 Dave Allison  
  Tom Cooksey  
69 Keith Levan  
  Stan King  
70 Patrick Ellis Draw
  Rick Hatcher $15
72 Chris Bodie  
  Sue Steffen  
72 Robert Holtz $15
  Pete Geiger $15
72 Robert Fawcett  
  Doug Titus  
73 Larry Lewis Draw
  Tom Gordon $15
76 Paul Wiehe  
  Bill Poppe  
81 Ralph Wilson  
  Carey George  
86 Carl Cordial  
  Sam Roberts  
Hole 5 Goings/Whitaker Birdie $28
Hole 10 Beam/Tiffany Birdie $28
Hole 13 Vermillion/McClellan Birdie $28
Hole 14 Wiehe/Poppe Birdie $28
Hole 17 Holtz/Geiger Eagle $28
Holes 8, 9, 15  no skins no birdies  

Liberty Championship 2020

August 1-2, 2020


Caleb Westfall (Mechanicsburg) and Cody Lyons (Bellefontaine) repeated as Champion & Runner Up.

champ.2020 2


Ben Galloway (Raymond) was Flight 1 Championand and Shawn Fuerst (Bellefontaine) took Low Net Honors.

flight1.2020 2


Robert Benavides (Urbana) was Flight 2 Champion and Mike Huston (Delaware) took Low Net Honors.

flight2.2020 2


Rob Merritt (DeGraff) was Flight 3 Champion and Mason Huffman (Graham HS) took Low Net Honors.

flight3.2020 2

Mulligan Scramble 2020

July 29, 2020


Thanks for playing and congratulations to our winners! Please pick up your Mulligan headcover trophies at your convenience.

 E-Gift Cards will be added to your account and can be used anytime for whatever you like.


Team: First Name Last Name Score PRIZE:
Nancy White Nancy White 57 1st Place
Nancy White Gina Burke   Mulligans +
Nancy White Pam Nelson   $35 each in
Nancy White Margie Miller   E-Gift Cards
Marianne Thomas Marianne Thomas 58 2nd Place
Marianne Thomas Loraine Culp   $30 each in
Marianne Thomas Terry Bennett   E-Gift Cards
Marianne Thomas Trecia Alderson    
Polly  McNary Polly McNary 59 Tie 3rd Place
Polly  McNary Ginger Fulton   $25 each in
Polly  McNary Michele Hart   E-Gift Cards
Polly  McNary Grace Mays    
Marla Flinn Marla Flinn 59 Tie 3rd Place
Marla Flinn Jacque Howell   $25 each in
Marla Flinn Marty Dale   E-Gift Cards
Marla Flinn Sandy Finkes    
Anne Holtz Anne Holtz 61  
Anne Holtz Chris Bodie    
Anne Holtz Diane Juergens    
Anne Holtz Carol Blasé    
Dianne Rouch Dianne Rouch 61  
Dianne Rouch Judy MacNamee    
Dianne Rouch Becky Dunfee    
Dianne Rouch Angie Thorne    
Dar Hollar Dar Hollar 61  
Dar Hollar Kathy Davis    
Dar Hollar Shelly Reiff    
Dar Hollar Sue Cramer    
Cindy Huelsman Cindy Huelsman 62 3rd Draw
Cindy Huelsman Lynn Darby   $25 each in
Cindy Huelsman Deb Kremer   E-Gift Cards
Cindy Huelsman Treva Fortkamp    
Beth Basil Beth Basil 63 4th Draw
Beth Basil Gloria Elliott   $25 each in
Beth Basil Nancy Thorne   E-Gift Cards
Beth Basil Beth Moore    
Diana Vest Diana Vest 64  
Diana Vest Sue Hupp    
Diana Vest Lynn McLaughlin    
Diana Vest Carol Fox    
Amy  Dettra Amy Dettra 64  
Amy  Dettra Jackie Kuhns    
Amy  Dettra Terri Oconnell    
Amy  Dettra Mandi Demczyk    
Nancy Walter Nancy Walter 64 2nd Draw
Nancy Walter Pris Reier   $25 each in
Nancy Walter Karen Dickman   E-Gift Cards
Nancy Walter Jeanie Bosslet    
RaShel Reier RaShel Reier 64  
RaShel Reier Cindy Helman    
RaShel Reier Tina Bulle    
RaShel Reier Melissa Henderson    
Tami Thornburg Tami Thornburg 65  
Tami Thornburg Christie Dodds    
Tami Thornburg Megan Nicholl    
Tami Thornburg Michelle Zirkle    
Lisa CASE Lisa Case 66  
Lisa CASE Deb Geuy    
Lisa CASE Darla Hunkle    
Lisa CASE Loretta Rhodes    
Debora Hemmert Debora Hemmert 66  
Debora Hemmert Wanda Castle    
Debora Hemmert Kelli Marsh    
Debora Hemmert Evie Lenski    
Carrie Miller Carrie Miller 66  
Carrie Miller Danielle Good    
Carrie Miller Dolly Bledsoe    
Carrie Miller Pam Bush    
Cindy Maxhimer Cindy Maxhimer 66 1st Draw
Cindy Maxhimer Kathy Wolever   Mulligans +
Cindy Maxhimer Diane Evans   $25 each in
Cindy Maxhimer Deb Kelly   E-Gift Cards
CHARLOTTE SCHAUB Charlotte Schaub 67  
CHARLOTTE SCHAUB Brenda Kattman    
CHARLOTTE SCHAUB Carol Mitchell    
Karen Fisher Karen Fisher 67  
Karen Fisher Jenny Mefferd    
Karen Fisher Lisa Krock    
Karen Fisher Darlene Dresen    
Kathy  Teman Kathy Teman 68  
Kathy  Teman Louann Wiltsie    
Kathy  Teman Shirley Wiltsie    
Kathy  Teman Sandy Schimmoller    
Nan McCord Nan McCord 68  
Nan McCord Jan Borg    
Nan McCord Marilyn Allen    
Nan McCord Jan Potter    
Bev Watkins Bev Watkins 68  
Bev Watkins Jane Kline    
Bev Watkins Shelly Chambers    
Bev Watkins Deb Ward    
Cathy Snider Cathy Snider 69  
Cathy Snider Cheryl Donovan    
Cathy Snider Teresa Stolly    
Cathy Snider Judy Hubbell    
Carol Evans Carol Evans 69  
Carol Evans Paula Elliott    
Carol Evans Judy Shaal    
Carol Evans Ann Davis    

Liberty Womens Championship 2020

July 23, 2020

syd 2020

Our 2020 Liberty Women's Champion is Sydney Wesson, of Bellefontaine! Sydney fired a 75 with a birdie on the last hole to win by one shot. Sydney attends Ben Logan High School and plays on the Girls Golf Team.


2020 Liberty Women's Champions: Shelby Starkey, Bellefontaine, won the Low Net Honors with a net 70 (83 gross). Shelby attends Ohio Northern University where she plays golf, swims, and studies pharmacy. Sydney Wesson, Champion, 75. The runner up honors go to last year's champion Maiilis Simovart of West Liberty with a 76. Maillis is recent graduate of Ben Logan and plans to attend Ashland University and play golf.

Senior Scramble July 2020

Screen Shot 2013 06 08 at 12.30.10 PM 297x300
(and Gals too, of course)

Scramble Results

Winnings are posted to your account as E-Gift Cards which can be used in the Golf Shop for anything.
We paid the top 3 finishing teams and then drew from the remaining cards to award 3 more teams.

2 SKINS Eagles on #1 & 16  
First Name Last Name Team Score E-Gift Card
Mike Allen 56 $25
John McDonald T- 1st $25
Bob Hollar   $25
Dan Garlock   $25
Jeff Goings 56 $25
Darren Whitaker T- 1st $25
Greg McClellan   $25
Chris Conley   $25
Todd Stump 57 $20
Jim Vermillion 2nd $20
Dale Goff   $20
Bud Eichholtz   $20
Pat Ellis 58  
RIck Hatcher    
Scott Robinson    
Denny Lane    
Kenny Day 58  
John Day    
Rick Zerkle    
Dan Whittington    
Frank Vitt 59  
Larry Lattimer Skin Eagle #1  
Al Traucht    
Wayne Stevenson    
Jim Morris 60  
Tim Morris    
Bill Lindsey    
Stan Chandler    
Greg Smith 59 $20
Ted Harker Draw $20
Greg Eldred Winner $20
Gary Eldred   $20
Keith Jackson 60  
Mike Vetorino    
Stan King    
Keith Levan    
Chuck Wilson 61  
Vince McLaughlin Skin Eagle #16  
Al Novotny    
Larry Cooke    
Larry Lewis 63 $20
Dan Hale Draw  $20
Tom Gordon Winner $20
Jim Mahle   $20
Logan Chanay 63  
William Loudon    
Skip Ceylor    
Wally Munz    
Chris Bodie 64  
Sue Steffen    
Bob Holtz    
Pete Geiger    
Marla Flinn 65 $20
Marty Dale Draw $20
Trish Bradley Winner $20
Peg Wynkoop   $20
Carl Cordial 69  
Sam Roberts    
Burt Ashbaugh    
Ralph Wilson    


For this game we use 4 sets of tees: Black, White, Silver & Red

If your team makes PAR or worse-- move up a set of tees.
If your team makes BIRDIE or better-- move back a set of tees.

Maximum Move Back Rule- you can only move back one set of tees past your starting tee, you never have to go back farther than that. There is no limit to how far you can move up. Everyone can move all the way to Red if it goes that way.
Men age 50-70- Start on White tees (you can move back as far as Black)
Age 70 & over- Start on Silver tees (you only move back as far as White)
Women- Start on Red tees (you only move back as far as Silver)

Wendy's Junior Championship 2020

June 24, 2020


Boys 16-18 Winners:  (from left) Ethan Ricketts beat Liam Harris and Luke Burnside in a playoff for 3rd, Michael Murray finished 2nd and Riley Wilcoxon was first with a 69.


Girls 14-18 Winners: (from left) Madison Taylor finished 3rd, Mailiis Simovart finished 2nd and Sydney Wesson was 1st with a 72.


Boys 13-15 Winners (from left): Sammy Ratliff finished 3rd, Tyler Ogg was 2nd, and Brady Fox was 1st with a 76.


Girls 11-13 Winners (from left): Gillian Steele was 2nd and Zoey Merritt finished 1st with 38 for 9 holes.


Boys 11-12 (from left): Liam Nauman was 2nd and Colin Buchholtz was 1st with 121.


Girls 10 & under (from left): Paysley Wesson was 1st with a 44 and Isla Leichty finished 2nd.


Boys 10 & under: Drake Peters finished 1st with a 38 for 9 holes.

2020 Tournament Results

Score Tees First Name Last Name Division Hometown/School
69 Black Riley Wilcoxon Boys 16-18 Bellefontaine
77 Black Michael Murray Boys 16-18 WestevilleSouth
78 Black Liam Harris Boys 16-18 Bellefontaine
78 Black Luke Burnside Boys 16-18 Dublin Jerome High School
78 Black Ethan Ricketts Boys 16-18 Benjamin Logan
79 Black Carter Gordon Boys 16-18 Anna
80 Black Grant Humphrey Boys 16-18 Covington
81 Black Connor Wright Boys 16-18 BuckeyeValley
87 Black Cole Pond Boys 16-18 Triad
88 Black Cody Rausch Boys 16-18 North Union
91 Black Lane McPherson Boys 16-18 Indian Lake
95 Black Brent Case Boys 16-18 Graham
98 Black Mason Huffman Boys 16-18 Graham High School
104 Black Eric Goddard Boys 16-18 Graham
104 Black Tyler Dowty Boys 16-18 Graham
107 Black Maison Johnson Boys 16-18 Triad High School
111 Black Eli Martin Boys 16-18 Graham
116 Black Isaac Dillon Boys 16-18 Calvary Christian School
76 White Brady Fox Boys 13-15 Plain City
81 White Tyler Ogg Boys 13-15 Plain City
82 White Sammy Ratliff Boys 13-15 Jonathan Alder
84 White Grant Woodruff Boys 13-15 Graham
85 White Tyler Burnside Boys 13-15 Dublin Jerome High School
108 White Gus Ward Boys 13-15 Urbana
109 White Luke McKenrick Boys 13-15 Benjamin Logan HS
121 Silver Colin Buchholz Boys 11-12 Milford Center
127 Silver Liam Naumann Boys 11-12 Indian Lake
72 Red Sydney Wesson Girls 14-18 Ben Logan
77 Red Mailiis Simovart Girls 14-18 Ben Logan
83 Red Madison Taylor Girls 14-18 Bellefontaine
87 Red Kayla Watkins Girls 14-18 Bellefontaine
88 Red Regan Ross Girls 14-18 Indian Lake
117 Red Emily Taylor Girls 14-18 Bellefontaine
38* Blue Drake Peters Boys 10-under Bellefontaine
55* Blue Keaton Dinovo Boys 10-under Bellefontaine City Schools
38* Yellow Zoey Merritt Girls 11-13 Graham
75* Yellow Gillian Steele Girls 11-13 Bellefontaine
44* Blue Paysley Wesson Girls 10-under Ben Logan
57* Blue Isla Leichty Girls 10-under West Liberty-Salem
*9 hole score

Father-Son/Daughter 2020

June 21, 2020

Fathers Day Senior Event

E-Gift Cards have been added to your accounts. Happy Father's Day!

First Name

Last Name SCORE Finsih E-Gift Card
Aaron Hollar 63 1st $30
Bob Hollar     $30
Rick Hatcher 64 T-2nd $25
Brett Hatcher     $25
Shawn Bechtel 64 T-2nd $25
Brady Bechtel     $25
Ralph Capuano 64 T-2nd $25
Anthony Capuano     $25
Blaine Ricketts 64 T-2nd $25
David Ricketts     $25
Doug Wesson 64 T-2nd $25
Sydney Wesson     $25
Richard Zerkle 65    
Scott Zerkle      
Denny Lane 65    
Ryan Lane      
Kenny Day 66    
John Day      
Riley Wilcoxon 67    
Dan Wilcoxon      
Kale Stemble 68    
Doug Stemble      
Tony Fink 68    
T.J. Fink      
Mike Louden 69    
Bill Louden      
Jim Morris Sr 70    
Tim Morris      
Earl Zilles 70    
L.C. Zilles      
Jerami Barnes 70    
Jere Daniels      
Doug Rutan 70    
Michael McDonald      
Rob Louden 70    
Tyler Louden      
Dave Allison 71    
Chris Allison      
Jim Morris 71    
Justin Morris      
Bill Harris 71    
Liam Harris      
Doug Comer 72    
Heather Ricketts      
Mike Conley 73    
Morgan Conley      
Wayne Ropp 73    
Ryan Ropp      
Snake Fuerst 74    
Justin Fuerst      
Dana Fish 74 Draw $20
Morgan Fish     $20
Steve Flora 75    
Brian Flora      
Rob Meriitt 76    
Zoey Merritt      
Christopher Dillon Jr 76    
Christopher Dillon Sr      
Jason Gordon 77 Draw $20
Carter Gordon     $20
Jim Stoodt 78    
Kevin Stoodt      
Hunter Goings 79    
Larry Goings      
Dave McIntosh 80    
Meredith McIntosh      
Lisa Case 83 Draw $20
Dale Sloan     $20
Bert Alspaugh 84 Draw $20
Merritt Alspaugh     $20
Rodney Reaman 85    
Carson Reamen      
Brian Case 87    
Brent Case      
Ken Stoodt no card    
Olivia Heckman-Stoodt      
Cody Lyons ns    
Dave Lyons      
Rachael Ferguson ns    
Josh Ferguson      
Mike Stradling ns    
Ryan Stradling      

Senior Series 2-Player Scramble

Weds June 17, 2020

1434309286 lhgc logo small

Score First Name Last Name First Name Last Name
60 Earl Zilles Denny Lane
65 Euell Gibson Clayton Bullett
65 Jim Bowling Joe Reinhard
66 Rick Hatcher Pat Ellis
66 Bob Burch Mike Conley
66 Michael Allen John McDonald
67 Jeff Goings Darren Whitaker
68 Larry Lewis Dan Hale
68 Chuck Thornbrug Doug Titus
69 Rick Zerkle Terry Humble
69 Doug Pugh Jim Hangar
69 Ken Shank Harry Graber
70 Paul Wiehe Bill Poppe
70 Tom Cooksey Dave Allison
71 Mike Hackett Bill Crawford
72 Mike Haemmerle Harold Harris
73 Robert Holtz Pete Geiger
73 Mark Carter Larry Lattimer
73 Rick Vigar Jim Ambos
73 Greg Best Stan Chandler
74 Chris Bodie Sue Steffen
75 Mike Caudill Bert Alspaugh
77 Carl Cordial Sam Roberts
77 Ken Bosslet John Dunlap
80 Tim Thornburg Dave Thornburg

Liberty Four Ball Championship 2020


2020 Liberty Four Ball Champions: brothers Tyler & Hunter Roberts hail from Bexley. Hunter (right) just graduated from Xavier University where he played on the golf team. Tyler is headed to Shawnee State University to play golf. Tyler has played in our Wendy's Junior Championship for many years. Both boys love to play golf and learned from their grandparents Jerry & Kay Addy who both coached golf at Bexley High School.

4ball lownet2020

Miker Ringler and Mike Caudill won the Low Net honors.

Tournament Results           Gross/Net

Tyler Roberts - Hunter Roberts  68/65
Shawn Fuerst - Gary Karch  69/60
Bill Harris - Liam Harris  75/68
Mike Caudill - Miker Ringler  75/59  Low Net Winners
Jeff Goings - Ken Jenkins  76/70
Shawn Jordan - Scott Severt  77/61
Chuck Thornburg - Tami Thornburg  79/65
David Heaberlin - Russ Walters  80/64
Chad Claybaugh - Cory Cooper  88/66


Chieftain Football Scramble 2020

1456762414 chieftain head color

June 13, 2020

1st- Team Russ Hogue- 56
2nd- Team Steve Graham- 57
Tie 3rd- Team Josh Wallace- 62
Tie 3rd- Team Pat Ellis- 62
5th- Team Trey Daring- 63
Tie 6th- Team Randy Crace- 64
Tie 6th- Team Corey Briggs- 64

Proximities/Long Drive:

#4  Josh Buckenroth
#7  Brett Peters
#16  David Stewart
#18  Pat Ellis

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