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Monday Duffers League

Monday Night Duffers

Mondays at 5:30 (shotgun start)

 2024 Season: April 22 - August 26 (no play May 27, we will play July 1)

Full season payment required by April 15
(All fees include $50 dues for prize fund and $10 handicap/admin fee)
Rider, non-Member ($402)
Walker, non-Member ($312)
Member, cart fees ($186)
Member, walker ($60)
Member, w/Annual Cart ($60)

No GHIN fee is required this year. We will be using a new league scoring app including handicap software.


Would you like to be a Sub in this league? CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP

Duffers League Rules & Format

o White Tees, with the exception of players 70+ (silver tees) and women or 80+ (red tees)
o Improve your lies everywhere, including bunkers
o Out of Bounds- play stroke only, no distance. Drop a ball anywhere along the flight path that the out of bounds ball traveled, add a stroke and play from there. Out of bounds is marked by a white stake.
o Environmental areas- drop ball in play near entry point, free drop. Do not drive carts into environmental areas to look for balls.
o Red Stakes mark a lateral hazard
o We’ve eliminated the free drop from behind trees. You should take an unplayable if not able to chip out.
o Subs- It's your responsibility to get your own sub. The new App has a SUB REQUEST that you can send out once we get going. We will let you know when this is ready. Until then, call in to the shop by 12 noon day of league so we can get them in.
o Two players minimum per team per week (one per grouping, will play two players from opposing team) Please arrange for a sub if three of your regular players will be absent the same night, otherwise your team will get no points for the week.

Handicaps & Match Info

This year your handicap will be based on 5 (most recent) scores. It will drop one high and one low score. Since we are all starting fresh, your handicap will be developing over the first 3 weeks of play. You won’t know your standings until after week 3.
We did our best to determine A-B-C-D matchups for the first week. After week one, it will be determined by handicap/scores. We will rotate pairings AB/CD, AC/BD, AD/BC so you get to play with all your teammates. Bear in mind, players will rotate positions based on developing handicaps.
We had one team drop out, which left us with 13 teams. Each week, one team will play with their teammates. That team will be matched up with a BLIND DRAW match post round.

Scoring & Results

DOWNLOAD OUR NEW APP (2024): (view results, pairings and everything about your league here)

APPLE                   ANDROID/GOOGLE

LIVE SCORING will be done in the app. One person in the group should keep the app scorecard, and the other team should keep the paper scorecard. Please confirm your scores when you finish your round before submitting scores. Once scores are submitted, they are final. It’s each player’s responsibility to confirm their scores were recorded correctly.

VIEW PLAYER PORTAL ON A COMPUTER (view results and all info about your league from a computer)

Weekly Optional Skins

There will be a sign up sheet in the front lobby along with printed scorecards. $3 each week. (half goes to gross, half to net)

 Duffers League Players are eligible to play in the LIBERTY CHAMPIONSHIPS!

Liberty Hills Golf Club
665 Road 190 West
Bellefontaine, OH 43311


Order Food: (937) 565-9028